Yes, this is a man's world. But you don't have to become a man. The more you are you, the more successful you are! 

If I had known that 20 years ago at the beginning of my IT career, my path would have been much steeper and at the same time easier.

That’s why I developed this program – for women in technical professions who want to master their success with ease. In an environment where you, as a woman, belong to the minority.

This program is about making your expertise visible, maximizing your rewards and creating your own advancement opportunities.

The price of your invisibility

Insecurity and invisibility go hand in hand. If you are unsure, you usually want to hide. In doing so, you make it very difficult for your colleagues or your supervisor to correctly assess your competence.

I know it can be very challenging to embody one’s competence, especially when one is somewhat shy by nature.

The truth is, it’s impossible to get ahead by simply relying on your expertise or waiting to be discovered by others.

You’re wasting your time while others pass you by.

Unless you get a set of powerful tools that make your authentic personality shine in a professional context.

And not just hard skills, but also in the way you show your expertise and communicate your successes. In your own way – as naturally as you breathe.

The program gives you what you strive for

Expert Status

You communicate strongly and absolutely authentically, so that you are always heard and seen as a subject matter expert.


You gain a lot of time and energy because you no longer have to walk an extra mile to get ahead.

Peace Of Mind

You no longer seek confirmation and recognition from the outside world. You are absolutely sure of who you are and what you can do.


You get the money that matches your expertise so you never sell yourself short again.

To be too good to be true? And yet this is also possible for you. I know it is.

Being Unsure Is Changeable

When you play by someone else’s rules, you automatically look for external confirmation. This makes you appear extremely insecure.

No matter how familiar you are with the topic, how well you are technically prepared, no one will believe your suggestion. Or your idea goes to someone who can sell it much better.

The good news is that you can change this at any time!

In my program you will learn to deal with your insecurity and to understand its causes. You harmoniously develop your natural authority so that your colleagues have no choice but to take you and your competence seriously.

You Can Have Everything


You are successful in what you do without having to pretend.


You have no more doubts so you can enjoy your life.


You value your skills, so others will too.

When I met Natalia, I found myself in a new professional situation, which made me extremely insecure. Through coaching I have learned to find myself again and to be able to trust in myself! πŸ’›

Natalia is a truly enriching personality who has helped me to visibly improve my professional and personal performance. Thanks to her helpful methods and positive nature, I was able to learn and understand so much.

Marie R., Business Analyst & Requirements Engineer

program details

Tech Queen

This is a group coaching program for your professional success in IT, so that you not only grow professionally, but also let your personality shine.

In our sessions, we deepen all areas that are relevant to software development: from customer workshops, development, quality assurance to go-live. I support you in your mindset change – away from hectic to more ease and flow. You get help for every problem, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Agile Methods

Scrum, Kanban and other project management options in IT. I think structures are important, but not everything has to follow exactly one method. Sometimes it is better to deviate from the method. You will learn from me to distinguish such cases.

Software Architecture

I’m a software architect and full-stack developer and I’m very familiar with everything related to the topic: version control, continuous integration, frontend, backend, interfaces, cloud etc.

Requirements Engineering

Business analysis, building the backlog, estimating and prioritizing requirements, business analysis. I am also a trainer: with my own workshop I have trained over 30 colleagues in requirements engineering.


Authentic communication is very important. Because it allows you to create a personal connection with the others. This always pays off, whether in customer meetings, in marketing, in sales, in negotiations or job interviews.


With some challenges, such as sexism, you have to strengthen your own attitude first in order to clearly communicate your limits. Mindset topics are my specialty. The clearer you are in your mindset, the more successful you will be.

Own Rules

Did I mention that you can always create your own rules of the game? πŸ˜‰ At work or in life. I love playing by my own rules. Do you want that too? Welcome to the club!

Fix Appointments

I’m there for you every other week. Do you have issues that keep you from sleeping? That’s what the group session is for. I will coach you through the depths so that you can master any difficult professional situation with confidence. In the Q&A session, your questions will be answered via video.


The mentoring is digital. If you ask a question directly in the live calls, you will get the answer immediately. You also have the opportunity to ask questions in advance via email. These will then be answered via video. So you don’t miss anything.


Are you busy with something delicate? You have the option to ask your question anonymously. I answer such questions in the Q&A session. In my sessions you can address all your factual and personal challenges without having to confront your colleagues or family with sensitive topics.

You no longer hide in the shadows where you get less. You are now at the top of the IT industry, you are a recognized expert and you get the respect and money you deserve.

Who Am I

Natalia Olhovik

Who am I to teach this? I came to Germany from Belarus for an internship at the age of 23 and had to finance my computer science studies with part-time jobs. I taught myself to code and worked as a full-stack developer for years.

For a very long time I didn’t trust myself to take the next steps in my career. I had very low self-esteem and believed that as a non-native speaker I could never be successful. (If I knew where I was right now.. πŸ˜‚)

It was only after many years that I dared to take on more responsibility. I have worked as a business analyst, project manager, product owner, software architect and tech lead, leading technical workshops and projects and managing relationships with customers.

Looking back, it took me a very long time before I was able to live out my competence. Could I have it faster and easier? Absolutely! If I had someone by my side who could show me the way.

Only towards the end of my career did I realize that I was much more interested in human development than in software. So I started giving coaching, group workshops and masterminds while I was still employed.

My mission is to enable IT professionals to skyrocket their success with ease. That’s why I developed this program to make it possible for you too.

Today’s time offers completely different opportunities to enter or advance in IT. You don’t even need a degree to pursue a career in IT. It doesn’t take you long years to find out what suits you. You don’t need constant trial and error to be successful. You just need the right people around you and maybe some courage to act.

You can achieve everything that I have achieved. You can also teach yourself everything like I did. It just goes faster with help.

A success story from my life

That happened right after my second parental leave, when I wanted to start again with 20 hours a week.

I was already familiar with mindset work and thought about what my return to work should look like beforehand.

I didn’t want to code – after the baby break it would be too exhausting for me. I needed energy for my two children and for my start-up, which I founded shortly before my second daughter was born.

So I visualize how I want it – the desire for a simple customer project where I can create value immediately without training, where everyone is happy to work with me and where I don’t lose any energy.

One day my boss called me: 2 full-time colleagues were „removed“ from a customer project because of poor performance and whether I would like to replace them with my half-time position as Business Analyst.

So it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. But the feeling told me that the project is just right for me.

After two months it was exactly as I had imagined. I wrote user stories for a 5-person scrum team. Overtime was not an issue at all and I even had time to spare. The client and colleagues loved working with me. And I was highly motivated and full of energy.

Some challenges may seem daunting - I know. But they are there for you so that you can grow with them.

Natalia has a wealth of experience in IT and has not only sharpened her professional, but also her personal skills as a woman in IT. As a coach, she now passes on her strategies and methods. This can help you to reflect on your own abilities. She can assess which skills are important for different directions and encourages self-reliance.

It does not offer any quick solutions that would fizzle out just as quickly, but shows where the roots lie, where one should do research in oneself and also offers many methods as research equipment.

She combines technical-analytical understanding with a view of the flow of life that sees the human being as a whole.

The couching sessions with her linger, they work in the background. She gave me the right questions to tackle my issues. I can recommend it only.

JANA B., Lateral entrant into SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

You can start directly

Not sure if the program is right for you?

You have the opportunity to test the program for a shorter period of time.


2 Months once only for 383,- €

The program is just right for you

  • If you are not satisfied with the status quo and strive for more.
  • When you know that EVERYTHING is possible for you. What you don’t know is HOW.
  • When you’re ready to put it into action.

The program is not for you

  • If you are looking for a magic pill that will solve all your problems instantly. Because here you have to work on your own success.
  • When you want excuses and blame to remain part of your identity. Because here you will quickly learn to take responsibility for everything that affects you.
I feel uncomfortable investing large sums of money in myself..

I know that very well. In fact, I used to believe that my employer should invest in me. IT companies are indeed doing this.

But what are the interests of a company? The profitability. And your interests may well be different. It is therefore your task to find the best tools for your own development.

Why is the program taking so long?

Individual appointments, seminars and workshops usually have a short-term effect. They do not go far enough to achieve sustainable development. In this program you will find long-term support for your career development.

You will need time to apply everything you have learned. The right opportunities may be a long time coming, e.g. Annual interview or job change. So take your time. Professional growth is a marathon, not a sprint.

I want to venture a lateral entry. Is the program for me?

Yes, you are in the right place!

I don’t have a job in IT yet – is the program for me?

Absolutely! You can already treat yourself to support when looking for a job and prepare yourself much better for the application process. And in the end also negotiate better.

Will I improve my programming skills?

Yes, I worked as a fullstack developer for years. I’ll help you improve your problem-solving skills. But I won’t look into your source code πŸ˜‰.

You are very welcome to contact me with questions about software architecture, programming speed, KPI and code quality, for example.

Project Management & Agile – am I right here?

Kanban, Scrum & co. – if you are striving for this path, you are in the right place.

Is the program something for QA, requirements engineer, business analysts?

Yes absolutely!

Is the application training?

Yes and much more besides. Finding a job in IT is easy. I support you in mastering the new job successfully.

My German is not so good, what options do I have?

Sister I understand you I’m not a native speaker either. If you ask me your questions in English or Russian, I will try to answer you in those languages.

The main language of the program is German. Accept this challenge not only to expand your hard and soft skills, but also to train your German. πŸ˜‰

Can I pay in installments?

I’m sure you’ll find a way to pay for it in full. Because after the first salary negotiation, you have most likely already paid back the investment. Otherwise just contact us via the contact page.

Can my employer cover the costs?

The program is for professional development. So feel free to suggest it to your employer. If you need an offer, write to us via contact.

Can I deduct the costs from taxes?

Possibly. The program is about professional development – you will receive a corresponding invoice, which you can submit to the tax office. The decision lies with the tax office.

It’s a lot easier than you think

Do you still think in either-or? No pressure 😁. You can have it all – advance your career with ease, thrive without compromising your health, be an expert and still have enough time for family, friends and hobbies. Join the program, take this opportunity to advance. Click the button below to get started today!

Natalia Olhovik

Mindset Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ» and Performance Coach πŸš€. I help IT professionals to skyrocket their success with ease.

Meet Natalia

My tech queen, do you have any questions?

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